I always thought she was too girl-next-door for our Harry Styles

When I first heard that my Harry Styles was dating cleaner-than-squeaky-clean Taylor Swift, I was like: Erm, what… really?

When you could have had super-hot supermodel Cara Delevingne (if the rumours are to be believed) – or, “hello!” me (your loss, Styles…)

I know the One Direction hottie’s not exactly a rock n’ roll god.

Yes, he might look like a baby Jagger but, despite being in the biggest boyband in the world, he doesn’t quite have the same Rolling Stones credentials does he now?

However, you have to give Harry and his bee-stung lips some cool points: there aren’t many teeny-boppers who can woo a barrage of older, sexy, famous women.

But who does he choose? Swifty – fully equipped with bagloads of good-girl persona – where’s the excitement in that?!

And it seems as though Taylor might be feeling the pressure to sex-up to the competition.

In her new music video I Knew You Were Trouble (appropriate!), the 23-year-old has edgyfied herself with punk-inspired pink dip-dyed hair, ripped T-shirts and leather – natch.

In the clip, she wakes up in a desert littered with trash from a rave. Then the video goes on to show flashbacks where she meets and falls for a rock ‘n’ roll type guy who takes her to gigs and instigates bar brawls.

Hmmm – all sounds rather lifelike, eh? Except the bar-brawl bit…

So, this begs the question – will this rebellious transformation be confined to a six-min vid?

Or can we now expect to see Swifty’s pretty princess dresses getting shorter; her porcelain make-up getting smokier; and her angelic voice getting grittier with accompanied lyrical sexual innuendo?

Just like Britney Spears did way back when she started dating the Timberlake – and Miley Cyrus as of late – in that typical Look at me! I’m not a girl anymore – I’m all woman!’ fashion.

I’m guessing it’ll be the latter for as long as Mr Styles is on the scene…

So I guess it’s au revoir for now, sickly-sweet Taylor x

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