You might not have heard of Jonathan Groff, but here's why he should be your first celeb crush of 2014

OMG – have you seen HBO‘s new show Looking?

You know, the one about three gay friends living in San Francisco? The one that’s kind of like a cross between Queer As Folk and Girls?

Oopsy! Of course you haven’t – Looking debuts on SKY HD on 27 January at 10.35pm.

Sorry to gloat, but I’m one of the lucky few journos who was allowed a sneak preview. I’ve seen the first four episodes and I’m completely obsessed.

And that’s mainly because I’ve fallen in love with Jonathan Groff (who you might recognise from Glee), who plays video game designer Patrick.

I don’t know if Jonathan Groff‘s drawing from personal experience, but he’s really convincing at playing someone incredibly awkward at love.

Patrick has no filter – he hits on all the wrong people, delivers some really embarrassing lines and makes some terrible choices, but it only makes you cheer his corner that much more.

And the fact that Jonathan Groff is really fit doesn’t hurt either.

Click through my gallery above to see the hotness that is Jonathan Groff for yourself.

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