Even if you're sick of cold weather, these sexy men competing at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 will warm you up!


The Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 certainly haven’t ignited the same Olympic fever as there was two years ago in London.

It’s not hard to see why – the sports on offer don’t really register with us Brits. Nordic Combined sounds like a spin-off of the Scandinavian crime drama The Bridge and ski jumping isn’t as exciting without Amy Childs or Sinitta sliding into potential danger.

And since elephants don’t exist in the northern hemisphere, let’s get the moose out of the room shall we? No one is next-to-naked in the Winter Olympics – except for maybe when a speed skater zips their top down after a race. 

Even the male figure skaters cover up. No Sam Attwater‘s in Dancing On Ice-stylee low-cut tops here.


Someone needs to invent ice diving, so we can have some Tom Daley action every TWO years instead of four!

Anyway, there is hope.

I present the top 10 sexy men of the Sochi Winter Olympics – the ones you would want to be stuck with in a toasty warm chalet during a treacherous blizzard. And for some reason, the only thing that works is the chocolate fondue machine!

Click through the gallery above to see who’s hidden behind those ski helmets.

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