Judging by the photos Rita Ora and her fellow celebs uploaded to Instagram, New Year's Eve 2014 was amazing!


Whether you rang in New Year’s Eve 2013 dancing underneath fireworks, snogging someone who up until midnight was firmly in your friend-only zone (awks) or sitting on your sofa watching it all go down on telly, it was an amazing night.

And according to my Instagram feed, the celebs had a great night too. They got up to all sorts of cray-cray! How’s your head, Rita Ora?

Check out the gallery above for some of their best moments, but my favourites have to be the two videos below.

Happy new year!


Appaz, Diddy‘s new style icon for 2014’s Kate MiddletonDiddy was rocking K-Middy‘s ring!

And I’m SUPER well jel of Now‘s Laurie Hadleigh! She got invited to The Sultan of Brunei‘s lavish party at The Dorchester and got to see Mariah Carey.

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