There's more to Justin than his trousersnake

Tonight, I’ll fiiinally get to see Trousersnake maneuver his rhythmical manhips in the actual hot flesh at Wireless Festival – eeee!

In case you don’t know the meaning of trousersnake let me give you this accurate urban dictionary definition…

Pronounced: tro-ser-sneyk. Noun. An alternative slang for a penis. The snake referring to the length and size of it; the trousers meaning it’s found in trousers.

But of course, that’s not why I love him – naughty!

Reason #1: He was in ‘N Sync!
OK, my first love was Boyzone. But they weren’t very cool. Not like ‘N Sync who were New Kids on the Block cool. Despite wearing matching silver suits and Justin styling his hair like ramen noodles. And Bye Bye Bye is, like, one of my fave songs ever! I definitely did a little cry when they dispanded in 2002.

Reason #2
He made signing like a girl sexy

Reason #3: He and Britters were the US Posh and Becks

He dated my original girl crush Britney Spears when she had the world’s most enviable abs. Plus, who can forget that appearance at the 2001 American Music Awards where they dressed in coordinated denim? Twas a fashion faux pas that rivaled Posh and Becks’ matching leathers. So bad it was BRILLIANT!

Reason #4: He’s a revenge master
Following unconfirmed rumours that she’d cheated, Trousersnake was totally cut up by his Britney break-up. But he didn’t wallow. Oh no! He combined his pain and musical awesomeness to create legendary pop song Cry Me A River and even featured a Britney lookalike (complete with matching clothes) in the video in case there was any doubting the source behind his pain. Letting his talent do the talking = sweeeet revenge!

Reason #5: He lost the ramen noodle hair and literally brought sexy back
Does anyone rock a suit and trainers better?

Reason #6: He moves better than Michael Jackson

Reason #7: He’s an actor, darling!
The Social Network, where JT plays Sean Parker, founder of Napster and future president of Facebook, was nominated for eight Oscars.

Reason #8: He’s a loyal lover
He’s totes smitten with goddess Jessica Biel. A fine choice of companion! And Cameron Diaz weren’t bad either…

Reason #9: He’s like a hip, cool Mother Teresa
JT does loads of charity shizzle. In 2001 he set up the Justin Timberlake Foundation dedicated to promoting music education. He’s also into golf (meh…) but hosted the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open golf fundraiser, helping raise a massive $9 million – one of the largest celebrity endorsements in the US.

Reason #10: He’s beyond talented
I think those six Grammy’s speak for themselves…

Also, his middle name is Randall. RANDALL!

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