Now's Amy Brookbanks says he's one of the few 'real' people on TOWIE and that's why she's really going to miss Elliott Wright


Don’t goooooooooo! Sigh… last night another one of my favourite ever TOWIE cast members dropped the bombshell that they’re leaving the show.

‘An opportunity to open a restaurant in Marbella has come up and I’m going to take it. It means me leaving Essex,’ said Elliott Wright last night on the ITVBe show.

Elliott, 33, was talking to his on/off – currently off – ex-girlfriend Chloe Sims, 32, who couldn’t hide her upset in the emotional scene and welled up when he told her, ‘I don’t know if we can work it out. If I do go, I’m going to miss you.’

Elliott is going to live in Marbella full-time to take over a £2million restaurant, but he hasn’t closed the door completely on TOWIE – we could apparently be seeing him in the next Marbs special. Phew!

Meanwhile, back in Essex – it is sure going to be a much lonelier place without Elliott. Not only is he the wise father figure to the rest of the cast who can always turn to him and rely on him for his advice and straight-talking, honest opinion, but he’s one of the most ‘real’ people on the show. Whenever I’ve interviewed Elliott he’s always told me the truth, he never dressed anything up and is one of a handful of celebrities with any manners who frequently bothered to ask me how I am if he saw me and always said thank you whenever we’d worked together.

I’ve met Elliott many times, I’ve even gone to Spain with him – where he lives and runs a successful restaurant, La Finca De Eduardo’s in Alicante – but even though he was a complete natural when it came to living his life in front of the cameras, I always got the sense that Elliott was never really that bothered about being famous or being on TV. He could give or take it and he definitely didn’t need it…

In real life, Elliott‘s really successful with or without TOWIE, lives a wonderful life in the sunshine with his two children and frankly, probably can’t be bothered with the drama anymore. Let’s face it, the curse of TOWIE has claimed even the strongest relationships, including his own with Chloe which we all hoped might end up being the first TOWIE wedding.

But Elliott did hint last night on the show that it didn’t have to be the end for them.
Talking candidly to Chloe he said: ‘I don’t want to go over there thinking about if you and me could have worked out.’ Dear me, it’s either all over for them for good or will Chloe leave TOWIE and move to Marbella too?! Geez, it doesn’t bear thinking about…

So long El… we’re really going to miss you. And those shiny new teeth of yours!