Watching Tulisa Contostavlos breakdown on the phone to her mum Anne was heart-wrenching...

It made for uncomfortable viewing. While everyone was busy talking about what Tulisa Contostavlos may or may not have done to her lips, I was gripped by the N-Dubz singer’s phone conversation with her mum Anne Byrne on Tulisa: the Price of Fame on Monday night on BBC3.

When the trial was thrown out of court and all charges dropped, Tulisa was seen calling her mum Anne to break the news after leaving court.

Watching the emotional phone call really got me.

‘I love you too princess, well done, I’ll be thinking of you all the time,’ mum Anne said on speaker phone as Tulisa choked back sobs barely able to talk. ‘I love you so. It is OK, have a good cry, it is alright sweetheart. Mummy is here. I am right with you.’

‘Mummy it is over, I was so scared,’ Tulisa says in tears.

Whatever you think of Tulisa, you’d have a heart of stone not to be moved by that conversation.

It’s not the first time Anne has been on a BBC3 documentary with Tulisa. She featured in Tulisa: My Mum and Me in August 2010, showing the singer caring for her mentally ill mother. Anne has schizoaffective disorder and was admitted to psychiatric care when Tulisa was just five years old.

‘My mum has been mentally ill since before I was born and I’ve grown up being her carer. I just remember police turning up, ambulances, my mum literally being restrained and being dragged away,’ Tulisa recalled in the 2010 documentary. ‘When mum’s well we have a really loving relationship but when she’s ill she becomes completely withdrawn and paranoid, hearing voices and imagining people are out to get her.’

Tulisa and Anne are obviously very close. Can you imagine watching your daughter experience the threat of jail, walking into court every day while haters hit up social media? It would break any mum’s heart.

Tulisa has had a terrible 12 months. Only with the support of her mum Anne, assistant Gareth Varey and close friends like publicist Simon Jones has she been able to get through it with her head held high.

‘It’s made me a paranoid wreck when it comes to people,’ Tulisa says of the trial. ‘I locked myself off a lot from the world so there only a few people that could contact me. Marvin and Rochelle [Humes] are two people that really had my back throughout – and Niall [Horan] and Rylan [Clark].’

While she’s found guilty of assaulting blogger and new TOWIE star Vas Morgan, Tulisa is determined to appeal the verdict.

I have no doubt that Tulisa will rebuild her career and personal life. And I’m sure Anne will have even more reasons to be proud of her daughter in the future.

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