The Voice boy has a bright future ahead of him

Last night I was lucky enough to see the amazingly lovely Tyler James singing an acoustic set of songs from his new album, A Place I Go.

I really, really wanted Tyler to win The Voice – but I reckon coming second has been a really good thing for him.

Like loads of reality telly music big hitters (JLS, Olly Murs, and hmm, a little band you may have heard of called One Direction), it’s given Tyler time to write and perfect a gorgeous, heart-wrenching album, instead of being rushed into the spotlight by music bigwigs.

I’m a fan from back in the day – my friends and I used to listen to Tyler‘s hit Why Do I Do back when we were mere wisps of things in 2004 – and we always wondered where he disappeared off to.

So I loved his return to music on The Voice.

And after a break from the music scene and a difficult few years, Tyler is back with an album that’ll make your jaw drop.

And a serious review here: his singing live is a-maaaazing. Honestly.

He performed four songs for us last night in a little bar in Soho and every member of the audience swooned, especially over new track Single Tear (out 22 October).

His falsetto voice never misses a note. He’s a real talent – and he writes all his own songs, too.

After, we had a lovely chat, and Tyler is as sweet and unassuming in real life as he was on The Voice. Which is what I like most in a pop star – a REAL person. 

For someone who is still the best of friends with Voice coach megastar and producer of his album,, Tyler‘s still got his feet firmly on the ground. The fame isn’t going to go to this boy’s head. 

This 2004 fan girl has been won over for a second time. I think Tyler James is here to stay.

Now go buy the single and album, guys.

A Place I Go is out 29 October.


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