Helen's appeared in a band's video, and it isn't all that bad. In fact... I think I like it

Ooh, Helen Flanagan. I have a strange fixation with her (she’s gorge), but as demonstrated on I’m A Celebrity, she’s also bloody annoying at times.

I didn’t ever think Helen would star in a music video – but she has.

And you know what… I think it’s pretty, um, all right actually.


During the video for Gorgeous Baby by New Zealand band The Neo-Kalashnikovs, Helen, puffs on fags, flashes her nips, and generally appears to get hammered on a bottle of wine.

Before rolling around in a bush, of course.

I think she may actually be drunk, although the contents of said bottle are yet to be verified.

Helen‘s only miming along to the song – but it’s actually kind of… good. And an amazing publicity stunt by the band, too, who currently only have about 2,000 Twitter followers.

Check out the video below – what do you think?!

I never thought I’d say it – but, good choice, Helen. She could have starred in the video for a bubblegum pop track, but taking the ‘impression of a drunk teenager’ route into the world of pop is way more fun.

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