The Geordie Shore star's got gorgeous brows - shut it, haters

Vicky Pattison, incredible shrinking woman and always one of my faves out of the Geordie Shore cast (she’s warm, sweet, and bloody hilarious to chat to in real life), is always busy on Instagram these days.

And so she should be, because she looks lovely, and seems happy.

She posted this photo, titled, ‘Night guys!!! #sleeptight #mwah’.

My main thought is, gosh, I wish I looked that groomed before bed.

My second thought is, wow, brows!

I wonder if Vicky‘s had them tattooed at all? I know that fellow stars Sophie Kasaei and Charlotte Crosby have.

Whatever Vicky‘s done to her brows, I think they look great.

Think back to three or four years back. Thin, over plucked brows were a hangover from the Ninetis and Noughties and many women of the nation were afflicted.

Inspired by the likes of celebs from Cara Delevingne, to, er, the Desperate Scousewives infamous ‘scouse brow’, lots of women have now had their eyebrows rehabilitated and learned the art of brow-trickery.

I myself use Jemma Kidd’s Brow Kit – it works wonders on my boring eyebrows, which are disappointingly mousey, despite my dark hair.

Anyways. Back to Vicky! Despite her big, bold brows looking gorgeous, in my humble opinion, the trolls are out, as usual.

One follower commented. ‘Babe eyebrows too dark!’

Another said, ‘Those eyebrows could do with being a little thinner.’

Oh, blah blah blah, guys. Can’t she get anything right?

Leave Vicky to it. I love her imposing, powerful brows – and they suit her down to a T. So there.

Come on, guys. We don’t want to go back to overplucksville. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t clever. And it definitely wasn’t big.

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