We catch Cheryl Cole and her French love on camera


I joined Cheryl Cole last night as she was interviewed by JLS‘s Marvin Humes at the launch of her new perfume Storm Flower, and after their chat the singer was quickly escorted to a raised VIP section.

Cheryl‘s new husband Jean-Bernard was there waiting for her and like a true gentleman, stood up as soon as she was in view. 

You could tell immediately that this was true love from their body language – there was an excitement in Cheryl‘s smile, but also a calm comfort in her eyes. 

Jean-Bernard was very protective of his new wife, sitting with his back to the crowd to shield her from spying smartphones – except mine!

After their brief chat, Cheryl left to use the ‘VIP’ toilet and Jean-Bernard did the same upon her return. ‘Wow – she’s just like us!’ screamed my inner squealing fangirl.

And then, the newlyweds decided to leave. But Cheryl couldn’t – because her dress was caught on something on the floor!

A flustered assistant threw herself on the ground to try and find the source of the offending snag while Cheryl smiled patiently through the embarrassment. I have to admit, it was a bit funny.

The assistant finally managed to release Cheryl and she and Jean-Bernard went off to greet fans surrounded by a strobe light of flashes before being whisked away into the night.

The room started to empty and I did what anyone would in my situation – I sat in Cheryl‘s Storm Flower chair.

Best. Night. Ever.

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