We caught up with the newlywed Cheryl Cole in London last night


Last night, Cheryl Cole‘s fragrance launch at Avenue in London was the hottest ticket in town. In fact, unless you were a beauty journalist, you had no chance of getting through the door.

And I was first in the queue!

While Cheryl‘s soldiers and assorted paparazzi lined the pavement waiting in anticipation for Mrs Fernandez-Versini to arrive, I was allowed to wait in the air conditioned foyer with the bouncers.

‘It’s gone batshit crazy,’ one bouncer said, looking outside. It was true – as a crowd of other beauty journos started to form, you could sense the electricity of excitement in the air.

A Storm Flower, if you will.

The entire space was adorned with huge flourishes of purple and violet flowers and eager waitstaff held trays of passionfruit martinis decorated with delicate, floating petals. 

From the flurry of flashes outside, it wasn’t hard to clock Cheryl‘s arrival. But as she walked through the room, I noticed the strangest thing.

No one made a sound. There wasn’t one audible hoot, holler or gasp. Just silence – while every journalist attempted to get their own ‘I-was-there’ shot of Cheryl with their smartphone.

As for me, I was at the very front – natch – and as I caught the whole interview on camera.

Here are the best bits:

Marvin Humes introduces Cheryl Cole – but why does he have to look at his notes for that?

Cheryl’s entrance!

Cheryl reveals she already knows which X Factor category she wants this year!

Announcing Cheryl Cole as Mrs Cheryl Fernandez-Versini for the first time!

Cheryl reveals the first perfume she made when she was a little girl

First look at Cheryl’s new Storm Flower advert!

The surprise Storm Flower-scented confetti that filled the air

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