They have famously disliked each other for years - but it all began over Dane Bowers

After a 14-year-long icy cold war, Katie Price has offered an olive branch to Victoria Beckham saying she thinks she’s ‘done amazingly’ and ‘always looks good’.

But what caused two of the most powerful women in showbiz to fall out in the first place?

Why do two people, who move in very different circles, apparently dislike each other so much that Victoria even allegedly went to the lengths of changing flights when she discovered Katie was going to be on the same one as her?

The truth stems back to one man – Mr Dane Bowers.

Cast your mind back to 2000. In the years pre-Peter Andre (can you believe there was such a time?), Katie was hugely loved up with singer Dane.

Meanwhile Victoria was fresh out of the Spice Girls and was establishing herself as a solo singer.

Posh teamed up with Dane for her first solo single Out of Your Mind. The song proved a hit – only pipped to the number one slot at the last minute by Spiller featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love).

But all the time Dane spent away promoting the single apparently sounded the death knell on his two-and-a-half-year relationship with Katie.

Speaking about their split, Dane said on Celebrity Big Brother in 2010: ‘[It was] lots of little things really. If you hear her side of things it was because of Victoria [Beckham], I was working too hard with Victoria.’

Whatever the real reason, there’s no doubting Katie was distraught. She credits Dane as the first man to truly break her heart.

She once said: ‘He was the only guy who completely taught me about having your heart broken.

‘I’ve always said that Dane‘s the one who did that. Because of Dane, he’s made me have my barriers up and even with Pete, I’d like to say they all went down, but there were a couple still up.’

These days Katie and Victoria have more in common than they might realise – they’re both navigating the juggling act of being doting mums to FOUR kids, as well as hugely successful businesswomen.

Well done, Katie. You never know, maybe you two could actually go out for a drink and a gossip sometime?

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