Why I think Amelia Lily is about to trounce Little Mix in the chart wars

Don’t get me wrong, I love Little Mix. At least, I think I still do.

Last year – after I failed miserably at making sure Sophie Habibis won the X Factor – I spent a fortune on casting loads of votes for Tulisa‘s little muffins.But Little Mix‘s first single makes me feel like I might’ve wasted my money.

Wings sounds like a hybrid of Christina Aguilera‘s career-ruining Candyman-phase crossed with a bubblegum pop theme tune to a Nickelodeon kids show sprinkled with background muzak from an acne facewash advert.

And just like Xtina, although Little Mix‘s voices are strong and Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie are obviously pouring their hearts into each note, the song sucks.

I can’t imagine dancing to it anywhere unless you were jumping up and down on a bed covered in a glittering unicorn and rainbow duvet set in a powder pink room (which I might try, actually, to see if it changes my mind).

On the other hand, Amelia Lily‘s debut is nothing short of mind-blowingly awesome.

Sure, You Bring Me Joy‘s a manufactured dance track with repetitive lyrics – a popular choice with X Factor judges like Kelly Rowland, Cheryl Cole and Tulisa – but unlike established artists who sing like they’re programmed, Amelia Lily laces her debut track with a dangerous difference.

Somewhere between the lyrics, shines the same explosive blaze of comeback fire that ensured her well-deserved return to the X Factor competition after she was eliminated.

One listen’s all it takes for Amelia Lily to draw you in and hold you there until the end.

It’s as if Amelia knows she only has four minutes to capture your full attention, but it’s all the time she needs to hit you with wave after wave of her hypnotic voice.

You Bring Me Joy‘s got me and it’s got me good. Amelia Lily‘s definitely not going anywhere and if I keep listening to it then apparently, neither am I.

I can’t stop – I’ve had it on repeat for about two hours and I’m listening to it now even as I type. Please send me food and water.

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