If Wayne Rooney was my husband (er...) I woudn't be amused...

It was Coleen Rooney‘s 28th birthday yesterday.

And I am mighty confused by Wayne Rooney‘s Tweet to her.

Happy Birthday to my wife @ColeenRoo hope you have a nice day,’ Wayne wrote.

Oh, the romance! I joke, obviously.

Wayne ‘hopes’ that Coleen will have a ‘nice day’? NICE?! HOPES?! So, like, he can’t even guarantee it? And no kiss or nothin’. Ooh, Mr Lover Lover…

If you’re going to go all out and Tweet to your other half on their birthday, at least make it funny, or cute, or soppy. Duh, Wayne! (From the blankness of his message, though, it seems Wayne isn’t too adept at Twitter).

On the other hand, the pair do live together, so Wayne probably wished Coleen a happy birthday in his own special way and… erm, no, I’ll leave that image there.

Although, if you live together, why Tweet at all?!


Tellingly, perhaps, Coleen didn’t Tweet Wayne back. Well I wouldn’t have bothered, either.

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