Not sure what to do with your old wedding dress? We know!

I’ve done some weird things in my four years at Now magazine but nothing quite competes with doing a charity run in my actual wedding dress.

We launched Race for Wife last year – with around 100 of us (staff, readers and celeb mates) forming a team to run 5k dressed as runaway brides at Cancer Research UK‘s Race for Life event.

This year you all came out in force again to join us at our ‘wedding reception’ at the end.

Thank you for forming such a nice queue to pick up one of our delicious celebratory LOLA’s cupcakes and a glass of Blue Nun bubbly. And, yes, we did notice how much you liked our hunky naked Butlers in the Buff who were serving the drinks!

So, what’s with the wedding dress?

The concept for Race For Wife started when I was chatting to a friend as we looked through her wedding photos and we moaned about the fact that the dress you wear on your big day is soooo expensive and yet you only wear it ONCE.

We agreed that it would be great to have an excuse to wear your dress again IN PUBLIC. Why not for a good cause? And so team Race for Wife was born…

Putting my dress back on again four years after my wedding AND after having a baby was pretty nerve-wracking. Would it even fit? Wouldn’t I look ridiculous?

But, once I’d managed to breathe in A LOT and re-lace myself back into the corset, I was stunned by how amazing it felt to be back in The Dress.

Before I knew it I was sashaying through London smiling at people on the underground and feeling great about doing something different for a brilliant cause.

And, here’s a tip, I found that the sillier you look, the more cheers you get when you do the run.

The good news though is you don’t have to be married to take part. In fact, most of the Now team aren’t.

All you need is a white frock and veil and you’re good to go.

This year we were joined by readers who decided to add a new twist – by wearing their bridesmaids dresses again as well.

How many of you have an expensive bridesmaid dress that hangs at the back of your wardrobe unloved, that you’re too nostalgic about to throw away? This is its moment!

We’ve so far raised almost £600 for Cancer Research UK but there’s still time to donate.

Oh look, here’s the link to do just that *hint*

Alternatively why don’t you form your own team and sign up to take part in another Race For Life event near you?

You don’t need to be super fit to walk 5k but you DO need to want to have a fun day out with your mates for a good cause.

I can honestly promise that it will be the most humbling and rewarding way you can spend your weekend.

For more info on how to take part click here

Meet you at the altar again next year, ladies…