Why dungarees have become the fashion staple for celebrities trying to hide their baby bumps

I’ll let you into a little secret, Now HQ reckons I’m the Mystic Meg of celebrity pregnancy prediction… I have a 99% success rate of spotting a celebrity is pregnant before they announce it.

The truth is: it’s the dungarees what did it.

Okay fine, not actually ‘it’ (Fearne and husband Jesse Wood probs had something to do with the actual pregnancy part) but – as far as I’m concerned – dungarees are a maternity must, and as such, any time a celeb so much as eyeballs a pair of denim-all-in-onesies I’m there – magnifying glass and all – squealing: PREGNANT! DEFINITELY PREGNANT! PRGENANT!!!

Granted 2015’s love affair with 70s fashion has made things a smidgeon trickier (here’s looking at you Alexa Chung) but sorry Fearne / Keira / Biel and co. I called ‘pregnant’ on you yonks ago.

Why? Because dungarees give just enough bag at the front to conceal a baby bump until said celeb is ready for the ‘big reveal’ and are comfy enough for days when pregnancy just has you feeling a bit bleurgh.

And the bonus part? They’re just cool enough to distract fans into thinking: ‘Ooh, dungarees… edgy’ rather than… ‘Ooh, FEARNE COTTON, PREGGERS’.

If anything people may just think you’re about to paint your living room, or that you’re starring in a 90s sitcom – in which the main character is painting her living room.

But best of all? Dungarees are GREAT for AFTER you have a baby too. If you want to nurse your newborn, you just have whip down the straps, et voila – lunch. Meaning it’s a trend that’ll last too.

And – if like me you’re not a mum? They’re also great if you fancy ‘pulling a Judy Finnigan at the 2000 NTAs’ – just for LOLz.

And the styling part is simple: Just roll up the bottoms and wear with slide on sneakers or plimsolls during the day, or add block heels if you’re feeling a bit more fash on a Friday night. And always always think about adding stripes. Miss Selfridge, ASOS Maternity and H&M do the best on the high street.

Above all else, don’t fight them… Okay Fearne!? Dungas are set to be your new best friend for the foreseeable. And they suit you.

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