Meeting up with Jordan's ex, I can't resist a quick look

I’ve met all Jordan‘s exes – and Leandro Penna‘s by far the hottest.

Bouncing into the Now studio for our exclusive interview, out now, Jordan‘s most recent ex doesn’t exactly look like a man who’s just split up from his fiancée. He’s full of energy, despite getting up at the crack of dawn, and grinning from ear to ear.

Although he needs an interpreter for the serious stuff during our exclusive interview, his English is good enough to cheekily ask me: ‘How good are you in bed?’

He doesn’t need to be asked to whip off his top for our sexy shoot, and reveals his perfect, tanned torso and well-honed six-pack.

‘I don’t go to the gym,’ he claims. ‘I just do lots of gardening!’

Leo looks like a speciman of the perfect man. In fact, you couldn’t get a more beautiful bloke if you cut him out of a catalogue yourself!

I tell him he reminds me of Peter Andre and he’s pretty chuffed.

It’s clear that like Pete, he’s an intelligent bloke, he’s very positive, happy in his own skin, likes to have a laugh and I learn that Jordan’s kids mean the world to him too.

And he’s not just a pretty face either. Leandro tells me he’s a successful businessman in ‘real life’ – who knew?

As we pose for a pic, playful Leandro laughs as he positions my hand on his abs and asks me what I’m doing later.

‘Sadly, writing this up,’ I weep.

But as he accidentally pulls his jeans down too far, I get a glimpse of little Leo – and believe me, it isn’t little at all!

Read the full interview with Leandro Penna in Now magazine dated 3 December 2012 – out now!



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