Benedict's name is often misspelt but we never forget it. Other stars go as far as changing their names for a variety of reasons

Maria Sharapova, the world’s richest female athlete, recently asked Florida’s Supreme Court to allow her to change her name to Sugarpova for the duration of the US Open tennis tournament.

The 26-year-old former tennis world No 1 has spent thousands setting up her company Sugarpova, making sweets with flavours like Smitten Sour, Quirky and Sporty.

Sporty? Shades of the Spice Girls? The mind boggles. But does this mean that, say, our tennis No 1 Andy could change his name to Murray Mint?

Or what about, er, Stevie Wonderloaf? Or, indeed, Benedict Cucumberpatch? Sorry, Mr Cumberbatch.

Maybe you’ve always had a secret yearning to be called Krispy Kreme or Bubblegum or Mint Tea, or Blancmange.

We did, after all, have the gambling Duke of Sandwich to thank for one name that’s stuck to a wide variety of creations involving bread and fillngs.

Since then we’ve had, in no particular order but maybe best not to try all at once: Hot Chocolate, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vanilla Ice, Ice-T, Bread, Meat Loaf…  

Not to mention Spaghetti Westerns, the Life of Pie (spot the deliberate mistake)… time for lunch yet?

Some people, like Zowie Bowie or P Diddy, couldn’t wait to change their names. But not for Sharpova‘s, er, sweetener, presumably.

Others are quite happy to be called Apple or Peaches. Soooo healthy. No sour grapes. But if 1D changed their names, they could be 1Tea. One lump or two, boys?

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