Justin Bieber has shocked on nearly all levels, so can we ready ourselves for his sex face?

If Justin Bieber locked himself in a dark empty room and decided to spend all his waking moments praying, he’d still manage to get into trouble. Maybe for worshipping Satan, who knows?

This week the Biebs has landed himself in another spot bother when he was investigated for trying to steal a lady’s phone after he thought she was taking pictures of him, although he strongly denies this.

If he had swiped her phone though I wouldn’t have been surprised, not because I don’t like Justin, you know I LOVE HIM, but because, y’know, he’s been a bit of a little sh*t recently hasn’t he?

From a DUI to vandalism, taking a baby monkey from its mother to insulting Anne Frank‘s memory (and everything in between) the breaky voiced poppette has done it all.


The only thing that could come from Justin that would still manage to leave us in a genuine state of shock would be a sex tape.

And come on, you have to admit you’d be a little curious to see what a Justin Bieber sex tape would look like, right?

I’ll (shamefully) hold my hands up and admit that I would. I mean come on, I want to know if beneath all that crotch-grabbing, smooth talking, girly whispering swagger, Justin has the boudoir goods to back it all up.

Would he be like how he appears to be in real life – a bit bossy, spoilt and unhappy if he doesn’t get his own way? Or would he take on a new, more likeable persona that would have females over 15 actually viewing him as shaggable?

What if he turned out to be some kind of sex god with the charm to match?

You’re thinking about Justin Bieber‘s sex face now, aren’t you?

Sorry about that.

I’m suffering too though.

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