Lily Allen films herself dancing in the mirror wearing nothing but a pair of Spanx. And then hits share.


However much celebrities try to make out they’re ‘just like us’, they are definitely a different breed to us normal folk.

Take Lily Allen for example. Whilst getting ready in her dressing room recently Lils filmed her self doing a whole load of sexy dancing wearing nothing but a pair of Spanx. Now call us Bridget Jones, but Spanx are the underwear secret us ladies like to keep under wraps. The end result might be sexy (once they’re well and truly covered with an LBD) but anything made from brown lycra is never going to scream ‘ooh, what a lingerie treat for the eyes!’

Holding onto her boobs with her hands, Lily gyrates around to Drake‘s ‘Start from the Bottom’ and labelled her video selfie ‘Cool mum #drakespanxdance’.

We can only imagine that Lily was keen to show off her amazing new slimline body, but such self aware dancing in front of a mirror in your undies is a ‘look at me’ move too far. But where were the embarassing mum moves? Where were the rolls of fat that spill out from the top and bottom of your Spanx (come on – you all know what I mean. That extra flesh has to go somewhere!).

We love you Lily, but next time you feel the need to do an impromptu sexy dance in your smalls please refrain from sharing it with the rest of the world. If anything, it’s just making us feel bad that even after two babies you still manage a fashion feat – looking half way decent in a pair of Spanx.

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