Cheryl Cole’s brand new music vid to I Don’t Care has just been released – and it shows a side of her I really don’t like


Cheryl Cole‘s new single I Don’t Care was played for the first time on Wednesday, and on Friday we got to see the official video.

Though it started off well – honey-skinned Cheryl skipping around a beach with gorgeous long locks and her signature smile – things soon went downhill as Cheryl showed us that fiesty side of her that we’ve recently seen on the X Factor.

What happened to girl-next-door Chezza that we all fell in love with?

Here are eight shocking things about the video that shows the Cheryl I’m starting to dislike …

1. She swears. A lot.

When we saw the lyrics to I Don’t Care, including the repeated line ‘It feels so f*cking good to say I swear’, I was kind of shocked, but also a bit empowered. There may even have been a few ‘Go on, Chezza!’s thrown around the office. But when the vid shows the popstar looking directly into the camera and mouthing ‘zero f*cks given’ – quite aggressively, might I add – I think she may have taken it a little too far…

2. Her dodgy outfits

And not even just in a Lady-Gaga‘swearing-a-meat-dress-again’, kind of a way. We like how it starts – with Cheryl in an oversized wooly jumper, adding to her natural look – but next thing we know she’s in bed wearing nothing but a white shirt and terribly smudged eyeliner, with glimpses of black, lace underwear underneath…. Has she just woken up? Is she drunk? Does she know she’s being filmed?! It’s kind of awkward.

3. Her voice

We all know Cheryl can sing – she won a talent show, after all. So why has she let someone auto-tune the sh*t out of her voice?! Seriously, if we weren’t watching her rolling around in bed on our screens, we wouldn’t even know it was Chezza.

4. Her anger

When I heard the song I Don’t Care, I thought it was more of a happy-go-lucky, ‘everyone be free’, ‘don’t listen to your critics’ type of a song. But according to Cheryl’s gestures, it’s a bit more aggressive than that. The X Factor judge spends a lot of the video looking angrily at the camera (and in turn, us), spitting out her words and basically shooing everyone away. Sheesh!

5. Her dance moves

Okay, they’re actually my favourite bit of the video. And I kinda love that yellow top, too. But why does it only last for five seconds?! I was just getting into it, then it’s back to swearing and gesticulating on the beach. Bring back the girl band sass, Chez!

6. Her makeup

I appreciate Cheryl’s attempt to go au-natural – and she undoubtedly still looks beautiful – but one of the things I love most about the celeb is her glamour. Why has she thrown away her fantastic lipstick range?! Someone call Hollywood, we need some sparkle in here!

7. Her laugh

I’ve missed Cheryl’s laugh lately – since she barely cracks a smile on the X Factor – but in this video, I hate it! Cheryl’s cute Geordie giggle used to be one of my fave sounds (fan-girl alert) but in this vid it’s more of a patronising murmur… Nah.

8. Her whole, entire attitude

I do love you Cheryl, but I’m really disappointed.

I know you’re happy now and know you don’t care what people think (you’ve managed to tell us 55 times throughout a three minute song), but we wanted you to show this through some care-free hair-tossing, fun dance moves and old Cheryl charm. Start smiling, stop swearing and please, oh please, be Cheryl again.


We know you don’t care, but we do. Bring the old Cheryl back!

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