Because we all want to be on Team Beckham, right?

Just this morning I was swooning over pics of David Beckham, Harper and Cruz as they took the family’s pet pooch Coco to the dog groomers. You know that emoticon with the hearts for eyes? Yeah, that was me.

But every time I see snaps of the Beckhams, I feel as though I’m actually a part of their lives.

Whilst it won’t be happening anytime soon (booo), I’ve often wondered how amazing life would be as an adopted member of the Beckham brood…

  • …Scouting through messed-up clothes rails at the end of season sales? Laughable. Victoria would kit me out in all of this season’s must-haves, plus, there’d be none of that ‘what group of friends have seen this outfit/can I wear it again’ debate. One wear and it’s officially in the ‘house-clothes’ pile.
  • Flashbacks to my teen years are filled with spots, lanky twiglet legs, sweat patches and cringy parents. I can’t bring myself to believe that 15-year-old Brooklyn endures ANY of these things. Brooklyn (my imaginary bro) reportedly complained to his dad about Victoria – apparently she won’t give him any space when he’s getting cosy with new girlfriend, Chloe Moretz. Oh Brookers, you don’t know how lucky you have it…
  • FROW seats at every fashion show in town, the hottest tickets to sporting events and pretty much unlimited, free access to all parties/events/red-carpets/theme-parks/sea-life centres…need I say more?
  • If they were to adopt me, I’d also get to see David casually strolling around the house topless…

OK I must stop. I’m beginning to believe this is real.

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