We've all tried the game where you work out your porn star name. Try this fun new game to work out what your Made In Chelsea name would be. Simple yah!

Ever wondered how you’d fit into the glamorous world of Mark Francis, Spencer Matthews and the rest of the Made In Chelsea cast?

It’s not just about donning your favourite Chanel dress and dining at Bluebird with Binky Felstead and Lucy Watson you know, you’ll get nowhere without a suitable posh name.

So using this guide you can get your MIC name and soon you’ll be chatting to Stevie Johnson, Andy Jordan & Proudlock at The Phene (watch out for Spenny though, he’s a right dirty dog!).

Your FIRST NAME comes from whichever biscuit matches the day of the month your birthday is on from the list below…

1. Jammy
2. Tunnock’s
3. Tim-Tam
4. Garibaldi
5. Cookie
6. Fig
7. Ginger
8. Toffypop
9. Penguin
10. Brandysnap
11. Viscount
12. Viennese
13. Shortbread
14. Abernethy
15. Nice
16. Butter-Crunch
17. Digestive
18. Shortcake
19. Echo
20. Blue
21. Lincoln
22. Belvita
23. Oreo
24. Biscoff
25. Choc-Chip
26. Oaties
27. Bourbon
28. Rich-Tea
29. Custard-Cream
30. Hazelnut
31. Butterscotch

For your SURNAME (double-barrelled of course!) take your mother’s maiden name and add the name of your first school.

Mine would be Bourbon Woodhouse-Seabridge!

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