'Ugly duckling' Liam Payne has blossomed into a well horny swan!

When One Direction burst on to the scene all those years ago (three actually), poor old Liam Payne was the boring plain one with the dodgy barnet!

No matter how hard he tried, there was just no way he was able to outclass or outswoon Harry Styles or Zayn Malik.

But look at the fella now. Liam looks well fit. Amazing what a haircut and a spot of working out can do for you. (Maybe I should try it!)

Gone is that dodgy Bieber fringe. Now Liam has a sexy crop with a smattering of stubble and a toned bod so sexy, you’re left trembling. 

No wonder Liam keeps strolling out onto his balcony topless with his kecks so low slung you can see his short and curlies! Well, I say!

So Harry and Zayne and even Niall Horan should watch their backs because our Liam is the tortoise in the race and is fast becoming the stud we all want to lick!


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