The 1D lads have suddenly grown up, and boy does it suit them...

When pictures of One Direction hanging out in a Los Angeles tattoo parlour landed on my desk this morning, I had one word for them: hot.

The clean-cut little lads who covered Westlife songs on The X Factor two years ago are well and truly gone.

In their place, five men – with a special mention going out to OhmygodwhendidyougetsocoolZayn’.

Joined by some of his bandmates at The Shamrock, where David Beckham and Britney Spears have been inked in the past, Zayn Malik got further updates to his half-sleeve design while Louis Tomlinson also added to his body artwork and Liam Payne hung out and played pool.

All I can say is Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards is a lucky lady. Zayn now looks ridiculously hot with his three-day stubble (always a good look) and he’s edgier and more rough and ready than we’ve seen him before.

Gone is the teenage blond streak in his hair, too. And with his lanky frame hugged by a simple black T-shirt and low-slung jeans, there was definitely a collective sigh of appreciation on the Now Features desk.

But as competition builds in the band to see who can get the most tattoos (except Niall of course, because Niall proudly has none) the boys only get sexier. Which is fine by us.

So far Zayn has 10 tats, including the word ZAP!’ (which doesn’t stand for Zayn And Perrie’ as some think, but is a nod to the secret society Club Zappers he’s the self-styled Captain of. Er, right…) but Harry Styles has more.

In fact just the night before, Harry was at The Shamrock getting a very classy-looking ship design on his left upper arm.

The cheeky singer, who’s currently dating Taylor Swift, has motifs including a coathanger, a 99p’ sign, an Iced Gem sweet and a small padlock, which ginger singing sensation Ed Sheeran tattooed on his arm for him. And that, is rock and roll.

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