Chloe-Jasmine has been booted off The X Factor 2014. But it’s okay, I'm sure she’ll have another plan to conquer the showbiz world...


When Chloe-Jasmine Whichello hit our screens on this year’s X Factor, performing Black Coffee at her first audition, half of the nation said ‘Wow, she’s good‘ – but the other half probably thought ‘Hang on, I’m sure I recognise that face…

Yep, Chloe-Jasmine has made more public cameos than Kermit The Frog (What Cheryl? I just really love The Muppets, OK?).

Chloe-Jasmine‘s other attempts at stardom were first made with modelling shoots including lingerie company Kitty Kouture, accessories brand Knomo and the front covers of British magazines Mode and Stylist.

Then, people started to remember her stint on The Face – a reality show where Naomi Campbell tries to find the world’s next supermodel.

Naomi recently spoke about her relationship with Chloe, sending her good wishes: ‘[Chloe] is my girl. I think she’s fantastic. I think she’s doing amazing on X Factor. Please don’t throw her off, Mel!’

Erm, hard luck Naomi!

Then just when viewers thought Chloe couldn’t pop up anywhere else, she was spotted on Channel 5 documentary Hey Big Spenders! Shopaholics Exposed, where she admitted to being obsessed with shopping. #FirstWorldProblems?

This weekend, Chloe was booted off The X Factor after two weeks of live shows, along with ‘best friend’ from the programme Stephanie Nala.

Chloe had apparently invested a lot in the talent show, allegedly turning down a ‘very small role’ in Game of Thrones because of schedule clashing, and thousands of pounds worth of modelling contracts.

So, which project will Chloe throw herself into next in order to achieve stardom, since her singing dreams have just been shattered?

As she said when she first auditioned for The X Factor in 2006 (yep, it’s happened before), ‘I crave fame. It’s something everybody wants.’

Somehow, we doubt she’ll be giving up any time soon.

My money’s on It’s a Knockout.

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