Turns out that love rat Ashley Cole is actually a snuggly teddy bear...


Imagine waking up after a night with Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole. With his bad-boy history, you’d expect him to call you a taxi before you’d even put your knickers on, but turns out he’s quite the cuddler!

The latest girl to tell all about her hook-up with Cheryl Cole‘s ex has revealed this week that bedding Ashley was ‘lovely’.

Playboy bunny Melissa Howe, 22 says: ‘He cuddled me all night.

Ashley is quiet – almost shy. But he is passionate.’

Melissa‘s not the first to speak out about Ashley‘s softer side. Another conquest, reality TV star Anna Kelle, has also bragged about the cheating star’s hugging habit.

Ashley pursued her for 5 months and was oh-so-tender when they finally did the deed in February.

‘He cuddled me all through the night,’ she revealed, ‘and in the morning when a girl looks her worst, he kissed me and we made love again.’

Does this mean that Ashley‘s not the player he pretends to be? Is he really just a lonely guy looking for love with Bridget Jones-style desperation?

Um… I don’t think so.

Even the air hostess who slept with him while he was trying to save his marriage to Cheryl calls the playboy ‘charming and funny’.

Kerry Meades, who had a fling with the footballer in 2011 just days before Cheryl‘s 28th birthday, described him as ‘very sweet and ­romantic, telling me how beautiful I looked’.

It seems that, like Elmo and Barney the dinosaur, it doesn’t matter who Ashley‘s cuddling, he’s just a big fan of a good hug.

I hope I never roll over to find him as my big spoon.

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