Don't be too quick to judge Britain Got Talent's Alice Fredenham - she's in it to win it

I’m a huge fan of Alice Fredenham.

Her Britain’s Got Talent audition had me glued to my sofa and made sitting through an otherwise tedious hour of schmaltz worth every second.

I was like a gay obsessed – I must’ve rewound Alice Fredenham‘s audition on ITV Player 15 times before I was Alice Fredenham-ed out. And even then I wasn’t really Alice Fredenham-ed out, I just needed to go to bed.

To me, Alice Fredenham has everything a gay guy like me requires to fall as far in love as possible with a girl without having to question my sexuality.

Her stunning beauty reminds me of Shalom Harlow (us gays can’t resist orbiting around a supermodel) and her sultry, slow-like-honey voice contains every shade of heartbreak there is – if Alice Fredenham ever needs a shoulder to cry that out on over a night’s worth of G & T’s, I’m sooo available. 

But we might have to talk about her penchant for wearing off-white Gap basics.

That’s why, although I was a bit shocked to see Alice Fredenham audition on The Voice the following week, I’m surprised it’s caused such an uproar.

Who cares if she auditioned for both shows? Is it really a big deal if she did play up her stage fright or not?

Haven’t we all failed a job interview, only to learn from it and nail the next one?

Simon Cowell‘s looking for a singer, not a saint.

Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice are game shows after all, so if the accusations are true I applaud her.

Well played, Alice Fredenham, well played.

But the truth is, I don’t believe Alice Fredenham had any intention of duping the British public.

Alice Fredenham‘s a born singer with enough talent to become a huge star – and I say let her.

I’ll be totally listening.

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