Harry Styles' girl pal Cara Delevingne strips half naked after eating pizza - but still looks unfeasibly good

I know it’s never good to be a green-eyed monster but grrr argh, isn’t there something just a little bit sickening about Cara Delevingne?

She’s got the perfect hair, perfect pins, perfect fashion sense and a perfect flirty friendship with the perfect Harry Styles.

And now, would you believe, Little Miss Lucky Pants clearly has the PERFECT METABOLISM too.

Cara, 21, has revealed that the night before she strutted down the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret she didn’t need to starve herself or go to the gym – she just had a carb fest!

In a backstage video from the show, Cara reveals: ‘The new Call of Duty came out so I’ve been playing that like crazy and eating Domino’s pizza. And Domino’s chicken strippers, all 21 of them.’

Yep. You read that right. A whole pizza and 21 chicken strippers.

Isn’t that just great? (I say through gritted teeth.) 

Now for the next question: How, I ask you, can this be fair?

I’ve had days when I’ve not had time to eat all day and I still get offered a seat on the Tube by people thinking I’m pregnant.

And I can only imagine what would happen if I ate Cara‘s naughty menu. I wouldn’t be the size of a house, I’d be the size of an apartment block.

While the title of my blog here may seem a little mean, I’m not really trying to incite any hatred towards this incredibly lucky young woman.

I’m simply offering some hope to other women out there who hear her quotes and wonder to themselves, ‘How can it be?’

Let me assure all you now. Cara might be perfect, but she just isn’t normal…

And let’s not forget girls, she’s still got the middle-aged spread battle to come…

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