Toddlers in bikinis and leather skirts? No, Beyonce and Kim K, just no

Living the life of an A-list celebri-tot is not all it has scrubbed up to be – just ask North West and Blue Ivy Carter.

Spare a thought for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue, who, having just survived the backlash of the ‘not combing her hair’ scandal, has now been put in a bikini. She’s just two.

The cute toddler is pictured next to her Bootylicious mother in her latest Instagram shot, as her mum flaunts her curves on a swing next to her baba on hols.

We’re all for dressing kids up in the latest trends – but come on, a bikini? That’s a bit much.

Beyonce’s not the first celebrity culprit though.

Jessica Simpson put her then four-month-old daughter Maxwell in a two-piece bikini, before she could even crawl, and sent Twitter, as well as child welfare charities, into meltdown in 2012.

But it’s not just the rise of the baby bikini that feels so wrong.

Being a pampered popstar’s tot is not all fun and games for North West, either.

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West‘s little one had the privilege of sitting FROW with her folks at Paris Fashion Week.

But there was a catch. he poor one-year-old had to wear skin-tight leathers and laces at the behest of her fashion-mad parents.

Think of how hot and sweaty it must have been for her nappy-clad bum in those leather trousers? So not cool.

Then there was the black see-through top that even Lauren Goodger would shy away from wearing. Maybe.

Come on celebrities, you’ve still got lots of opportunities ahead – when they’re TEENAGERS – to experiment with grown-up bikinis and high fashion (faux-pas).

If their parents want to do it right they should look to Victoria Beckham and David Beckham who get it spot on when it comes to styling their daughter Harper for the FROW in pretty dresses with a stylish top knot.

What’s all this about tarting up your tots in designer wear, people?

Get these kids down the high street for a good old Mothercare makeover, instead.

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