Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux hardly know each other

So this weekend, Jennifer Aniston had to deny AGAIN that she is about to marry fiancé Justin Theroux.

She felt she had to update everyone about her marriage plans because reporters and fans are getting impatient about the big day.

I REALLY couldn’t care less when Justin and Jen decide to exchange vows! Just what is this huge obsession?

Part of me thinks it’s because people just love a happy ending and are desperate for Jen to have one.

(She’s beautiful, talented and worth approx $100 million, I reckon she’s pretty chuffed with her life already!)

Speaking at the launch of her latest film We’re The Millers in New York, Jen told the assembled press that she already feels married’ to Justin, and they’re not rushed’.

Fair enough. They’ve only been seeing each other for 2 years for goodness’ sake!

Justin proposed after being with Jennifer for a year, which is pretty speedy by most people’s standards (I was in a relationship with my now wife for almost 10 years before I pulled my finger out and proposed!).

Jennifer has been tagged as unlucky-in-love‘ for some time now, a title she took over from Julia Roberts who went and got married and had kids.

To qualify for this title in Hollywood, you basically need to be divorced and have had at least 2 other high profile relationships disintegrate (preferably explosively!).

Following this, as is the case with Jennifer, you will NEVER shake this tag off until you get married again.

If I were in Jen‘s shoes, I would just go somewhere quiet and get married in a small intimate ceremony and try and avoid any of the press knowing. I doubt this will happen.

Oh my God, look at me, I’m telling people not to care about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux‘s wedding and yet here I am writing about it!!

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