Here’s 5 reasons why Arg and Lydia should get back for good. Come on guys, you know it makes sense...

So James ‘Arg’ Argent and Lydia Bright have kissed and made up at the Duke of Essex Polo event where they first met six years ago, two years after he cheated on her.

After a champagne-fuelled day of nostalgia for Arg, 26 and Lyds, 24, they apparently hooked up and spent the night together too! Yay. Here’s why they need to make it official and get back together forever and ever:

They already have a son’ together
Well… kinda. He’s a pig called Mr Darcy. Remember how funny it was when Arg bought Lydia the micro pig’ for Christmas but it turned out to be a giant pig? Well, he now lives on a farm and I’m pleased they still visit their ‘son’ together.

She makes Arg go all funny
Remember when she surprised everyone, well, mostly Arg and ex-squeeze Gemma Collins when she turned up to the end of series party? Arg was so shocked he awkwardly tried to disguise himself by sticking on his sunglasses and then ran out of the room! When he finally found his bottle and returned he told Lydia: I’ve missed you.’ Aw, bless him.

She loves him no matter what
What does she see in him? We love you really Arg… So does Lydia. Even after all this…  he admitted kissing her mate, Amy Childs, in a toilet at an ITV party while he was dating her. He’s had some cringe sex-ploits with Gemma Collins in cupboards… Then there was that naked selfie which mysteriously appeared in the public domain the week before his autobiography was released.
And he can’t even drive. We could go on…

Everyone makes mistakes and Arg is really sorry
After a four-year romance, Arg cheated on Lydia and their love came to a very messy, horrible end… But Arg has failed to properly move on and hasn’t stopped apologising to Lydia ever since. Arg explained: The reason I cheated was because I had no attention from girls before TOWIE, and all of a sudden I went on the TV show and girls were throwing themselves at me. I was earning a lot of money and it all went to my head. I regret it and I’m deeply sorry.’ We believe you!

They can make loads of money together
Think of the engagement party, wedding, baby pictures, christening, birthday parties… Kerching! Arg and Lydia could be rolling in money if they decide to cash in on their celebrity romance and have the first TOWIE wedding. Amazingly, Lydia isn’t opposed to marriage either. I can’t predict the future. Who knows. In ten years time we might be married and have kids. But that’s years away,’ she said.

No, not years Lyds, don’t make us wait that long for the happily ever after, come on guys, just do it!

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