Party girl Cara Delevingne's rock'n'roll behaviour is giving me déjà vu

She’s the model of the moment, the name on everyone’s lips, ubiquitous at every event. But can it be that Cara Delevingne is already turning into a cliché?

First up, the tatts. She only got her first body art in May, but the latest news is she’s already on to her third: a ‘Made in England’ slogan on the sole of her foot. So far, so predictable.

Then there’s the partying. Not content with being papped hitting the clubs on almost a nightly basis, last week she and NBF Rihanna (apparently she’s traded up from Rita Ora) headed to Monte Carlo on a mini-break.

Cue endless Instagram pics of them living it up. Yawn.

They’re already planning to blow half a million quid on a return trip in August – followed by a week in Barbados to recover. Tough life.

And then there is, inevitably, the Doherty. Yes, Cara‘s been linked to notorious druggie and all-round (Baby)shambles Pete Doherty after they ‘hit it off’ while in Paris.

How very rock’n’roll. Let’s hope she steers well clear of that particular can of worms in future.

So while Kate Moss is no doubt sighing: ‘Been there, done that, bought the Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt’, Cara seems intent on living up – or should I say down – to the wild child stereotype.

I guess when you’re 20 (not that I can remember that far back) doing the rebel thing still feels like breaking new ground. And I’m not saying she shouldn’t have fun.

But rather that living out the same tired old clichés we’ve all seen – and in Mossy‘s case done – before, wouldn’t it be nice if just for once Cara Tweeted: ‘Sod Boujis, tonight I’m staying in with a cup of tea watching Corrie’?

Go on, Cara, really surprise us.

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