Wondering why Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley tied the knot after just nine months? I know why!

Newlyweds Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley were friends for 10 years before they started quietly dating and, after just nine months, last weekend they got married.

They kept it so secret, the first we heard of it was in August when Patrick Kielty got down on bended knee!

It’s got me wondering: Does the recipe for perfect romance start, not with some drunken random in a bar after a couple of cheap shots, but with a little bit of friendship first?

Well it’s worked for Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley because they were friends first… friends with benefits, perhaps? But it’s more than just those sexy benefits.

Suppose dating your friend means you already know everything about each other – you have loads in common, you can trust them, you have fun together and crumbs, even when they see you without your make-up on, they still love you!

Forget the friend zone’ – they say once you’re there there’s no way back because falling in love with your friend is totally breaking all the rules, isn’t it?

Some of you will already know what I’m talking about – one awkward kiss can ruin a friendship forever. And is it worth the risk?

Well yeah.

Take a look at Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis – they’ve been dating for five months and said to be infatuated’, but they were friends for nearly 15 years.

Although Mila Kunis is reportedly said to be cautious about it, she’s going for it’ anyway. Who can blame her?

She probably pinches herself every day when she wakes up next to Ashton Kutcher.

And One Direction‘s Liam Payne is rumoured to have been on two dates with his pal, Leona Lewis, too.

Could this mean there’s a Patrick Kielty / Ashton Kutcher / Liam Payne man-friend lurking in the background of all of our lives?

After all, Patrick Kielty and Cat Deeley, and all these other loved-up celebs, have proved that you never know unless you have that awkward first kiss!

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