If anyone deserves an Oscar it's The King's Speech's Colin Firth - for good manners alone


Anyone else feel giddy with excitement that our Colin Firth is finally winning the awards he deserves?

He’s now scooped up yet another gong (from the Screen Actors Guild) as his quest to meet Oscar gets even closer. And as far as I’m concerned it couldn’t happen to a nicer chap.

It was clear way back in his Pride & Prejudice days that there was more to Colin than a wet shirt competition and his performance in The King’s Speech is spectacular. But it’s more than that. He’s a genuinely nice guy.

I met Colin back in 2004 at the after show party of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Denied access to the VIP section, I attempted to chat to him over the velvet rope as he mingled with the rest of the cast. As soon as I grabbed his attention though a burly security guard noticed I was disturbing the ‘talent’. ‘Step away from the rope, madam’ he beckoned before standing in front of me, obliterating my view and making me look a bit ridiculous as I stood there talking into a big man’s chest.

In an instance Colin tapped the guy on the shoulder and asked him to step out of the way so we could talk.

An inconsequential blip in Colin‘s life that he certainly won’t remember – and I can’t even recall him saying anything that memorable – but it’s a gesture I’ll never forget.

Give this man an Oscar, for goodness sake!