By listening to everyone but himself, Danny O'Donoghue's made sure he won't come close to winning The Voice again this year

Last week, I blogged about how frustrated I was that Danny O’Donoghue couldn’t decide whether or not to push his button on The Voice during the blind auditions without looking to and Jessie J for approval.

While most of the reader comments I received backed up my theory, there were a handful of you who completely disagreed – which made me start to doubt my own opinion.

So to make sure I wasn’t inventing things out of thin air, I’ve studied all 12 of Team Danny‘s auditions in detail. Believe me, I was praying that Danny O’Donoghue would make his own decision at least once. 

But I can safely say that there’s not one contestant on Danny O’Donoghue‘s team that he chose himself. Every singer Danny O’Donoghue picked was given the thumbs up by either or Jessie J first.

And that makes me sad. Instead of being a leader and listening to his heart, Danny O’Donoghue‘s been steered by his fellow judges to form a weaker team of cast-offs who pale in comparison to the other teams. As a result, Team Danny has no chance of winning The Voice this year. 

Even Danny O’Donoghue‘s strongest singer Karl Michael‘s only on Team Danny after Karl picked Danny over and Jessie J – who both pushed their buttons before Danny O’Donoghue did.

If you still don’t buy it, click through my gallery of proof above that reveals how Danny O’Donoghue chose his team members.

Better luck next year, Team Danny.

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