Now’s Lucy couldn’t hold back the tears during Monday night’s Coronation Street

Coronation Street actress Anne Kirkbride sadly passed away on January 19 and now, six months later, the ITV soap has bid their final farewell to her infamous corrie character, Deidre Barlow.

On Monday night, the cast of the cobbles gathered together for Deidre’s funeral and quite frankly, it was one of the most emotional TV moments I’ve ever witnessed.

As a huge Deidre Barlow fan and a long-time Coronation Street devotee, I found myself brushing away a few stray tears as I watched Deidre’s coffin being carried down the aisle by some of the street’s most notable characters including her on screen partner Ken Barlow, Liz and Steve McDonald and Kevin Webster.

Anne, who died of breast cancer aged 60, played Deidre for 42 years and became renowned for her huge specs, love of belts and an obsession with cooking stuffed marrows, a kitchen speciality that didn’t go down too well with the other members of the Barlow clan.

On last Wednesday’s corrie episode, it was Bev Unwin who delivered the awful news of Deidre’s death to Ken. Although it was sad to see Deidre’s daughter and Weatherfield villain Tracy Barlow, burst into tears, it was absolutely heart breaking to witness Ken fall to pieces.

Ken? Crying? Those two words don’t even belong in the same sentence but yes, it happened and it was brutal to watch. What’s worse, is that these tears were real as Anne died of breast cancer aged just 60-years-old.

I mean, Corrie without Deidre is just crazy. It’s practically unimaginable. But sadly, it’s something us Coronation Street fans will have to deal with.

Of course, Monday night’s moving double episode wasn’t without it’s usual drama. After Bev admits to Ken that Deidre’s trip away from the cobbles was prolonged due to her anger at Tracy’s recent behaviour, the usually level-headed Mr Barlow is raging. In fact, he actually blasted Tracy for her ‘crocodile tears’ as Weatherfield favourite Emily delivered a reading.

Ken’s eulogy was beyond emotional and it actually left me staring open-mouthed at the screen, poised with my cup of tea.

The last line of ‘Why can you never truly appreciate everything until it’s taken away?’, could not have been truer, and it makes you realise how short our time on this earth really is.

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