It’s totally against the rules to kiss your mate, but then again, if Calvin was my mate I’d kiss him too...

Firstly, let me begin by saying, if you haven’t watched the video for Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding‘s tune, I Need Your Love, do it now. And then come back and read this.

If you haven’t got time or can’t be arsed, it’s basically 3 minutes 46 seconds of Calvin and Ellie having the most fun ever.

Ellie spends the whole video with perfect bed-head hair, nibbling Calvin‘s neck, snogging him in the street and prancing around without a care in the world. You know, in that warm, fuzzy haze that people in love spend their days floating around in.

And then Calvin spends the whole video just looking FIT.

But despite looking like they’re totally in love and stuff, they say they’re just friends. Yeah, yeah…

But no, really they are. Ellie‘s got a boyfriend, actor Jeremy Irvine, and Calvin has Tweeted: ‘Me and @elliegoulding PRETENDING to be LOVERS in this video.’

Impressive stuff. They’re not even actors but they did a decent job.

But is it just me or is it weird pretending to be in love with your mate? Did Calvin suggest it or did Ellie? Cos who wants to kiss their pal? That’s gross. And it’s totally against the rules! (Unless you’re really desperate, need a snog or are drunk).

But then again, if Calvin was my mate I’d want to kiss him too.

So come on guys, just one last question… Did you use tongues?

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