She may not have won the show but talented Misha is likely to have the last laugh


The first time she burst onto stage as a shy hopeful on The X Factor, I instantly knew Misha B had star quality.

With her quirky style and incredible vocals, Misha was always one of the standout contestants with the air of confidence usually reserved for popstars who have been in the industry for years.

The teenager from Manchester officially rocked and despite being slightly tarnished with claims of bullying by X Factor judge Tulisa, Misha bounced back and I was gutted when she was cruelly booted off the show.

Like a young British version of US rap superstar Missy Elliott, Misha has the potential to be a world class superstar and after hearing her debut single Home Run, I have no doubt that this fiery singer has success written all over her.

And I’m not the only one that thinks so. Music critics are lavishing praise on her new track too. JLS, Lady Gaga and Missy Elliott are backing her for big success and it’s no surprise that a certain Ms Cheryl Cole wants to duet with the talented 20-year-old.

Oh and have I mentioned Misha‘s looking hot to boot? She was always a funky little thing but now she’s slimmer, slicker, ready to slaughter the charts and grab a piece of the pop action.

They say sometimes when you lose you end up winning and if Misha has her way, she’s definitely going to have the last laugh. Little Mix watch your backs, as Misha B is not prepared to ride on anyone’s coattails.

You go, girl…