If Ben, George or Bradley walked past you in Asda would you really stop and squeal? Not me

Three of Hollywood’s ‘hottest hunks,’ Ben Affleck, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper landed in London this week to party at the BAFTAs. Cue hysteria.

But why all the swooning, ladies? Come on… if Ben, George or Bradley walked past you in Asda would you really stop and squeal? Not me.

Let’s start with Ben. What the actual hell has he done to his face? I’m talking about the beard. He’s instantly knocked 10 years onto his boyish good looks with a full-on face of greying fuzz. Eurgh!

I dread to think how his poor wife, Jennifer Garner, copes with that thing scratching her lips every night.

And then there’s ‘gorgeous’ George. He’s got a beard too. And some idiot obviously told him it was a good idea to make like Phillip Schofield and embrace his silver fox.

I hate to break it to you George, but it’s not a good look. You’d never see the word ‘grey’ in the same sentence as Brad Pitt or David Beckham, would you?

Meanwhile, somehow Bradley Cooper has turned into some kind of super-stud in the last couple of days, with model Suki Waterhouse and actresses Alice Eve and Gemma Arterton being pictured enjoying his company.

Just the three? I’d prefer a man who’s only got eyes for me. And surely I can’t be alone in thinking he looks like a lizard?

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