Kate Middleton and Prince Wills wanted to wait to tell everyone she was pregnant at Christmas

A few years ago one of my closest friends suddenly went quiet.

She stopped arranging to meet up for nights out and wouldn’t return phone calls.

When I eventually tracked her down – by turning up on her doorstep clutching a frozen pizza and demanding to know if she was okay – she looked edgy.

I knew immediately – even before she shunned a glass of wine – that she was pregnant.

But I didn’t SAY anything. Because you don’t. It’s the unspoken rule.

My friend was in that tricky pre-12 week stage of pregnancy when the risk of miscarriage is still so high that she didn’t want to tempt fate in case the worse happened.

And that’s why I feel sad that Kate Middleton, who is believed to be just eight weeks pregnant, and Prince William have had to announce their baby news, long before they wanted to do so.

Working on a celebrity magazine we are often aware that famous people are pregnant before they feel ready to publicly announce it.

But, along with all other responsible journalists, we would never EVER print that story until the celebrity felt happy for us to do so.

I can understand why Kate and Wills felt they had to announce it early – the fear of one person posting a picture of her on Twitter going into hospital would have been an unbearable stress for her to have to deal with.

But the idea of a panicked Kate and Wills having to hurriedly track down Prince Harry in Afghanistan to make sure he knew before the whole WORLD did, is just wrong.

And you can imagine the crushing feeling when they realised their plan to break the news to Granny over the Christmas turkey – the news that I like to think would have made the Queen punch the air and scream This is the best Jubilee present EVAH!’ – was no more.

Instead everyone (me included) is now deliriously excited to hear everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – about Kate and Wills’ baby.

As happy as they may be with all the flowers, balloons and Twitter congrats from Cheryl Cole, that must still be a huge pressure for a poorly hospital-bound Kate to have to bear right now.

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