Taylor Swift creates the ultimate controversy by covering up

Ever since Miley Cyrus started dry-humping that foam finger, I’ve been wondering where this I-can-wear-less-clothes-than-you’ madness will end. And last night on The X Factor, Taylor Swift gave me my answer.

She emerged on stage wrapped chin to toe in what can only be described as a homage to the Milk Tray man (remember those cheesy ads?)

In previous weeks, we’ve seen Ellie Goulding dressed as some kind of Christmas waxing strip (what a terrible Chrimbo >thatRobin Thicke unleashed his army of half-naked girl bots.

In week three Lady Gaga misheard it was movie week’ and came (un)dressed for remove your clothes week’ instead, wearing just flesh coloured pants and a bra top.

All outfits were quite obviously designed to shock. But if I’m honest, none of them made me choke on my Sunday night sauvingnon blanc as much as Taylor did when she rocked up in a, wait for it, roll-neck!?

How dare she make it all about the *splutters* singing.

But isn’t it crazy that after months of being bombarded by pop stars wearing increasingly less and less, I’m so unfazed by seeing a flash of nipple or a pvc covered camel-toe that watching someone dressed in an outfit appropriate for a trip to Sainsburys was just a bit, er, weird?

So well done to Taylor for pulling off the ultimate in shock-chic. I think she just made my girl crush on her even bigger!


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