Hey royal baby, any chance you could do us a favour and be a girl? Thanks…

Let me be clear – I’m absolutely obsessed with Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s son Prince George, seriously.

Most babies I approach with something between indifference and intolerance, but when I see George’s grumpy little face, chubby cheeks and royally cute outfits, I can’t help but make irritating ‘awwww’ noises.

Despite my adoration for royal baby number one, I must admit that I was disappointed when he was born, as I was absolutely gunning for the bubba to be a girl (called Alexandra – it’s a strong name).

Come on – how cool would it have been to have the line of succession FINALLY changed and to have a little baby girl come along like: ‘Yeah bitches, I’m gonna be your Queen’?

OK, granted a royal baby would never say bitches, maybe ‘female corgis’.

Prince Charles has said he’d like to have a granddaughter this time, and My Future Husband Prince Harry has also admitted that he’d love for the royal baby to be a little girl, even if it is just because he thinks William will suffer more. Oh what a joker, so typical of My Harry.

I’m in total agreement with Harry and Charles for this one, and while I might not care about Kate‘s bump, maternity style and what she’s eating, I really would love her to have a little girl.

There are far too many major royals who are boys, and it’s about time we had a girl who was a main player.

William and Harry both have huge clout in the media as the ‘modern day royals’, and are hugely likeable, respected and great ambassadors for our country.

It would be amazing for the spare to the heir to be a girl and to be as inspirational a character as the brothers.

Currently the women in the royal family are mainly regarded as clothes horses, and since Princess Diana died we’ve been lacking an inspirational female figure who kicked ass when it came to charity work and sheer braveness.

This little girl could be just that – a strong woman who puts her privileged upbringing to amazing use and becomes a role model for other women. Someone in the mainstream who is looked up to because of her amazing job, what she says and the work she does for charity. Not just because she has nice legs and it’s exciting when her dress blows up.

So while I’ll end up becoming a big pile of mush regardless of the sex of the royal baby, I really will be punching the sky if it’s a girl who can show those boys how it’s really done.

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