Yay! My beloved 5ive have stepped in with advice for 1D. Are you listening, Harry?

As Simon Cowell‘s original boy band, 5ive have some stern words for One Direction.

5ive, the band with the best story on ITV2’s awesome, but now finished (sob!) Big Reunion, were the proper stars of the show.

They quit at the height of their fame – because they couldn’t cope with the pressures of fame, despite their career snowballing just as they split (their last three singles hit No 1, No 1 again, and No 4, respectively).

And they have some advice for One Direction in an interview with the Daily Star today.

They are just kids,’ says 5ive‘s Sean Conlon. It would be easy for them to lose their marbles. [Fame] totally messes with your head.’

Scott Robinson chips in, If you believe in your own hype then you’ll turn into a monster.’

Listen up, One Direction. 5ive are the band who, according to Ritchie Neville, literally went wild’ with drinking and shagging’.


He adds, When Abz joined the band he wouldn’t ever touch a fag, or drink, or drugs. That soon changed.’

Honest, and I love it.

Throughout The Big Reunion, 5ive were candid and frank about bad behaviour and drug use – as well as the spiral of depression many of them ended up in once the band imploded.

Now, I’m not saying that One Direction are indulging in any of this naughty stuff – but I think these wise words from 5ive are kind of touching. 

They lost everything, after all. 

I think it’s great that 5ive are offering advice to One Direction – whether they need it or not, it’s a nice gesture.

Let’s just hope One Direction have more help and guidance around them than 5ive did at the height of their fame.

We don’t want them to burn out like 5ive did, and like Abz, end up broke and living above a bakery (get watching The Big Reunion on ITV Player if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

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