After TOWIE's Kirk Norcross flashes all on TV, a special Now appeal: 'Bring on the naked men!'

Now, I don’t mean to sound like a perv (ahem) but last night’s TOWIE has made one thing abundantly clear – TV needs more lots and lots more … naked men.

Kirk Norcross practically flashing his manhood – and showing us all just how much he manscapes – certainly beats the dry kind of entertainment we normally get on a Sunday night.

I’m sure there’s some critics out there who are disgusted by Kirk almost flashing his penis to a million viewers at the not so late time of 10pm.

But let’s face it, it makes a change from us girls having to watch close-ups of skinny models in bikinis on almost every show we tune into.

What’s more it certainly puts a smile on our faces ahead of the Monday morning blues.

However to have really been telly gold, there are two ways it could have been improved;

  • The towel could have dropped even lower
  • And er, it could have been someone other than Kirk.

Indeed I certainly wouldn’t have complained about a bit of full frontal action on ITV‘s other big Sunday night show, Mr Selfridge – especially if it was the delicious Oliver Jackson-Cohen – designer Betty Jackson’s son who plays hunky painter Roddy Temple – or indeed the incredibly delectable Grégory Fitoussi aka Henri Leclair.

Better still perhaps ITV2‘s other hit show The Vampire Diaries could put the request to Ian Somerhalder – as that would certainly get in the viewers.


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