Carol McGiffin is a sore Celeb Big Brother loser perhaps?

I am fuming at Carol McGiffin for slamming Celebrity Big Brother runner up Abz as rude and antisocial’.

Er, he has Aspergers Carol, which if you’d bothered looking into means he struggles with social situations.

Carol said about 5ive‘s Abz: ‘I don’t think I’d talk to him if I saw him again. He just liked to sit on his own. He was anti-social and rude. The fact he came second is unbelievable.’

I’ve never been a fan of the Loose Women host, her slating Abz hasn’t helped matters.

Of all the people she could slag off she picks someone with Aspergers and someone who doesn’t appear to have a bad bone in his body.

At 53 she should really know better, it’s about time she grew up.

Not only has Carol riled me with her cruel comments about Abz, she is an avid supporter of winner Charlotte Crosby.

I prayed Charlotte wouldn’t win, as I wrote two weeks ago.

Abz survived remarkably well in the house considering he has a form of autisim and the celebs he was up against.

Yes, he likes his own company (and that of spiders and nature) but he was NICE! What’s wrong with that?

Abz was polite, happy and full of love and support to all of those around him. How he held it together when Sophie Anderton told him to come out of his shell and shine’ is commendable.

I think everyone needs an Abz in their life.

If Carol had allowed herself some of his positivity to rub off on her, maybe she’d have come out of the house a better person, and perhaps even a little less bitter…


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