At last, Bridget Jones is back! And thankfully there's going to be some classic calamities to look forward to...

So after a 14-year wait, the latest installment of Bridget Jones has finally landed as one of literature’s best loved characters returns in Mad About The Boy.

Our heroine is now 51-years-old (hmm, 19 years older than when we last saw her. That’s some serious ageing that even a vat of wrinkle-cream would struggle to counter) and as well as being a mum to two sprogs, Mabel and Billy, she’s also without her sanity saviour, dishy Mr Darcy as he’s unceremoniously been bumped off. And I couldn’t be happier.

Wait! Before you start getting your Spanx in a twist… I know this has left people shocked and angry, but I reckon it’s the best thing that could have happened to Bridge.

Otherwise what hilarious action would we have to look forward to?

Mundane discussions of parents evenings and childcare arrangements and at best, a tetchy date night where they do nothing but smugly stare at pictures of their kids on their iPhones before arguing about who’s turn it is to empty the bins?

With Mark Darcy out of the picture, it paves the way for plenty of the single girl adventures we expect from the poster-girl for disastrous dates and cringe-worthy clinches as she bumbles her way around dating as a single mum.

She’s apparently immersed in a fling with a no doubt completed unsuitable but ridiculously hot 29-year-old playboy Roxster and an enthusiastic Tweeter, probably now counting wrinkles rather than calories.

But I can’t wait to see how self-obsessed Bridget will juggle her romantic life with the school gates and sticky fingers. Bring it on!

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