The Rough Copy boys Kazeem Ajobo, Sterling Ramsey and Joey James are back - and sexier than ever!


Just when I almost forgot they even existed, my favourite band from last year’s The X Factor, Rough Copy, has surprised us all with an amazing debut single – a smooth 80’s RnB vibe with an edge – proving you don’t need to win the show to be successful.

The trio, Kazeem Ajobo, Sterling Ramsey and Joey James who were mentored by Gary Barlow, are ticking all my boxes with their cover of Anita Baker‘s classic Sweet Love which – in the words of Simon Cowell – have completely made their own and renamed Street Love.

It’s produced by Beatfreakz, the team behind Usher and Jason Derulo. Not bad company for the group who came in fourth place behind Luke Friend (who?) Nicholas McDonald (who?) and winner Sam Bailey.

Last year the boys from Croydon, London, gave their first interview to me at Now and were overjoyed at the chance to crack into the music industry and escape the gang culture in their home town.

Joey told me: ‘The people I used to hang around with weren’t the type of people that wanted to put their mind to something. They just hung around and did nothing. I did want to do something – music.’

And Sterling added: ‘You do bad things but you learn from it – my young days of a being a ‘wannabe bad boy’ taught me to be who I am right now. It is easy to slip and go the wrong way though, but luckily I chose the right path.’

You sure did, lads. Street Love is amazing and out on 29 June on Sony Music’s Epic Records. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy!


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