C'mon ladies! I don't think Imogen Thomas and Luisa Zissman are exactly weight-loss role models

Model Imogen Thomas and businesswoman Luisa Zissman have both been flaunting their toned post-Christmas tummies.

I’d be lying if I said they didn’t look good, but unfortunately I think their weight-loss methods are a little questionable.

Former The Apprentice star Luisa actually credited her washboard stomach to a three-day stomach infection. The 27-year-old posted a photo of her tummy alongside the caption: ‘The benefits of having a stomach bug for 3 days…Flat tummy!!’

Imogen, 32, also posted a snap of her toned abs onto Instagram. Next to it she wrote: ‘No carbs for 1 week. I’m happy with the results so far. Still working off those chocolates, puddings and crisps!!! I will introduce one carb a day next week- slow release carb.’

Jeez. No carbs? Think I’d collapse without my daily portion of brown rice/ sweet potato/ porridge. 

One of Imogen‘s follower’s simply commented: ‘Your body needs carbs…’

Yeah. Exactly. Give this girl a medal!

Former Big Brother star Imogen also posted a photo of her dinner with the caption: ‘Tonight’s dinner….roast chicken, roast carrots, roast parsnips and baked leeks! It was delicious!! I was craving carbs so thought a couple of slices of parsnips won’t do me much harm….#nom!’

Mmmm, looks yummy, but surely Imogen was craving a spud on that roast?

I’m no pro, but my obsession with healthy-living reading has kinda taught me one thing; for a fit and healthy bod, eat a well-rounded diet and exercise. Simples.

Ashton Turner, Personal Trainer and Performance Nutritionist at Enhance Nutrition LDN reckons drastic weight loss is never a good way to drop the pounds as it ‘isn’t sustainable’.  

As for carb-cutting, he says: ‘Carbs are not bad for you, over-eating or drastically under-eating IS bad for you, it’s a big difference. You could overeat on protein and you would still get fat, therefore never eliminate one food group, just ensure you eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.’

Ashton added: ‘Worst still is losing weight from being ill and then not replacing it. Your body needs to repair after illness to strengthen your immune system and recover fully. On top of this most of the weight lost will be from fluids not from fat so you are almost certain to have weight-gain after.’

On another note, Imogen and Luisa actually have flippin’ good bodies anyway. What’s with this whole skinny obsession? Yeah sure, loadsa people are naturally skinny but Imogen and Luisa were born to have some curves…and I’m talking good curves.

I don’t think Katie Price has never advocated the ‘skinny’ look and recently she even Tweeted:
‘Why is everyone sooo obsessed with being soo skinny, it’s good to feel healthy and fit but not just to be skinny.’

Hear, hear! I reckon you should embrace your natural body. As long as you’re treating it well and feeding it good food, you’ll remain a healthy weight. Why let yourself get wrapped up in fad diets and extreme workouts? Too many people end up obsessing over their weight and diet in a bid to fit into size six clothes.

Coincidentally, I was actually sent a book this morning called Cut The Crap by Ruth Field. Instead of advocating some stupid diet, it simply tells you to cut the crappy foods and exercise. And by crappy, we’re talking cakes, chocolate and chips, NOT potatoes, bread and rice. Take note Imogen!

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